Biogas plants

As a result of the private-public partnership between MGK Oleśnica Sp. z o.o. and DGG ECO Sp. z o.o. connected their forces, to effectively used producted biogas.

Partnership between MGK Oleśnica Sp. z o.o. and DGG ECO Sp. z o.o.

Therefore on 05.02.2010 both sides concluded the joint venture agreement. Its aim to connected the existing facilities of Water Treatment Plant and installation for catalyst dosing which increase and stable the biogas production in anaerobic digestion. Increased by over 300% volume of a biogas economically justify the construction of cogeneration unit — 320 kW to generate combined heat and power.

“Green energy” — from CHP is used for own needs of Water Treatment Plant, thereby contributing to a reduction the OPEX and also perception of this project as fully ecological. Overproduction of the electric power is sold to local distribution company.

Transparent operations between both sides led to the implementation of this innovative technology, thus showing that public-private cooperation is possible and effective.