Commercial activities

The question that we ask is not are we able to do this but what is delivery term…

Over the years, our company has made many succesfull commercial projects. Starting from rail or car supplies of fuels and ending on the delivery of coal from Siberia, phosphate rock from African countries or biofuels from the Mediterranean Sea…

The specificity of our business as an investment and trading company is that we are not focusing on a single product. We try to look for niches and when necessary, we are able to quickly adapt to changing market demand.

Since our beginnings our business is based on the fundamental principle - Realistic Approach:

All we can be proud in our company is reflected in what we do or did. All what we do we bring to the end. No matter whether it is a single truck supply, bulk carrier supply or investment in our own deposits of raw materials.

DGG ECO Sp. z o.o. is one of the few Polish companies operating globally. We can be proud of our cooperation and succesfull contracts realized in Europe, Asia and Africa.

In carrying out our business we work with our regular partners in Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia, China, Lebanon, Syria, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Algeria, Senegal.